Workout Wednesday: 30 Minute Home Exercise Workout – No Equipment Needed!

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Don’t have time for or don’t want to hit the gym but still want to workout? But you don’t have all the equipment at home and don’t really know what you can do in 30 mins anyway . . shucks!  . . Well fear not! You are now unable to use this as an excuse because we have below a high intensity 30 minute home workout and the best part is no equipment is required!

Build strength, tone muscles, get fit and burn fat with this 30 minute blast!

The exercises “a” and “b” are to be super-setted. What that means is you perform exercise “a” then straight away you perform exercise “b” without rest. You then rest for about 30 seconds after you have done 1 set of 12-15 reps of exercise a AND exercise b.

So you do:

  • 15 tuck jumps, 15 push ups – 30s rest x 3
  • 15 squats, 15 mountain climbers – 30s rest x 3
  • 15 tricep dips, 15 glute bridge – 30s rest x 3
  • 15 jump planks, 15 supermans – 30s rest x 3

(Scroll down for how to do exercises)

30 minute no equipment workout infographic

Find more bodyweight exercises at


Tuck Jump:


Push Up:




Mountain Climber:


Tricep Dip:


Glute Bridge:


Jump Plank:



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