6 Of The Hottest Celebrity Fitness Trends For A Super Sexy Figure

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The summer season is well under way and all the glossy magazines are crazily snapping tanned and toned Kim Kardashian at the Seventh Annual Hollywood...celebs strutting their stuff on various beaches around the world . . but how do they keep in shape?

I mean yea, they have lots of time and a small army of personal trainers and nutritionists but what are they actually DOING in 2013 to keep trim and toned?

An recent article in CeleBuzz listed the hottest celeb fitness trends of 2013!


#1: SoulCycle

Which Celebs Are Doing It: Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes and Victorias Secret Angels

What Is It: Think an advanced and high energy version of studio spinning. Fast paced music and inspirational coaching combine to give you an intense fitness workout but what separates this class is the fact that by incorporating hand weights and various core exercises, you get a full body workout in the same class!

There is also a mental element to SoulCycle as lighting is kept low and the instructors aim to inspire the mind as well as train the body.

#2: Physique57

Which Celebs Are Doing It: Denise Richards & Zooey Deschanel

What Is It: This is basically a full body workout class that uses isometric exercises (static contractions – hold a position basically) to take your muscles to complete exhaustion before using orthopedic stretching to provide length and relief.

 #3: Tracey Anderson Method

Which Celebs Are Doing It: Nicole Richie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kim Kardashian

What Is It: Celeb trainer Tracey Anderson has put together a “method” for training the entire body and toning all the muscles and problem areas. She also has a diet program and numerous products and classes.

#4: Zumba

Which Celebs Are Doing This: Jordin Sparks & Shakira

What Is It: If you live in the modern, western world then you will no doubt have heard of Zumba. The exotic, aerobic and fun dance class has now evolved into a variety of variations of the original including ZumbaToning, ZumbaAqua and ZumbaCircuit.

#5: Barry’s Boot Camp

Which Celebs Are Doing It: Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes & Jessica Biel

What Is It: An intense workout that combines cardio and strength training in one class. An article in the DailyMail details more about the class. Read it here.

#6: Crossfit

Which Celebs Are Doing It: Kelly Clarkson & Elizabeth Banks

What Is It: It basically combines strength and conditioning with fitness. The video will do a better job of explaining.



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