7 Foods Plus One Super Substance That Grinds Aging To A Halt!

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anti aging foodsAn article written by GrandParents.com was published today in HuffPost50, that talked about certain foods and nutrients that may slow down the aging process.

Omega 3 fatty acids! These powerful little devils have been claimed to help all sorts of health conditions such as heart disease and arthritis and now the Ohio State University has carried out a study that suggests Omega 3s could slow down aging.

I’ll summarise the study below:

  • 4 month study of 106 adults with average age of 51
  • 1 group given capsule of “typical” American diet of Omega acids (high in Omega 6 and low in Omega 3)
  • 2nd group got a higher dose of Omega 3 (1.25g) and 3rd group higher still (2.5g) although both doses are within RDA.


  • There is a part of your DNA that slows aging. Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes and in aging it is believed that the telomeres are shortened.
  • Groups 2 and 3 that took higher doses of Omega 3s showed longer telemoers or to put it another way, less shortening of the telomeres.
  • The Omega 6 levels did not change – only the Omega 3s were increased so they claim instead of trying to reduce your Omega 6s, try to increase your Omega 3s. Supplements as well as oily fish, flax seeds, walnuts and olive oil are all good sources.
  • Free radicals are associated with cell damage and long term diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Omega 3s were shown to reduce this damage to cells by free radicals.


Other Foods That Fight Aginganti aging salad

  • Tomatoes and watermelon – Lycopene is an antioxidant and can lower stroke and heart disease risk.
  • Sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and corn – Beta carotene has antioxidant properties to reduce damage by free radicals
  • Citrus fruits – Flavonoids are anti inflammatory, repair cell damage and vitamins help with skin.
  • Avocado and spinach – Lupene helps the macula which is the part of the retina exposed to the most ultraviolet lights and is a cause of blindness but lupene can prevent further damage.
  • Broccoli, sprouts, horseradish – Isothiocyanates have multiple prevention and detox effects.
  • Onion, chives, asparagus – Allyl sulfide which is an antioxidant
  • Berries, grapes, pomegranates – Polyphenols which is an anti-inflammatory
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