kate urban health watchHi everyone I’m Kate, the founder of Urban Health Watch!

I’m a typical country girl who used to live off of big Texan portions of really nice tasting but really unhealthy junk food . . well of course I piled on the pounds in my mid twenties and ballooned from 145 to 218 pounds!!! :(

None of my nice clothes fitted me anymore and I was thoroughly depressed . . which made me eat more, binge on junk food, put more weight on and then end up even more depressed. It was a vicious cycle and I felt that after a long day at work, while trying to squeeze in some time with hubby too as he only gets back quite late, I just had no time or energy to lose weight.

I fell victim to the latest “fad” diets offering fast and easy weight loss and at times I lost some weight, but put it all back on again fairly easily and I think a bit more for good luck!

Well this went on for way too long until one day there was a turning point where I said to myself “I’m CHOOSING to be overweight and unhappy like this and I’ve had ENOUGH!!!”

“From this point right now I CHOOSE to be slim, healthy and happy like I used to be!”

You always have a choice . . always!

Just make a choice right here and now, not tomorrow, not Monday, not next week or any other time . . start NOW. You’ll be surprised just how powerful making a definite choice actually is.

From this point on I logged all my food – yes I still fell off the wagon and ate bad meals and snacks from time to time especially at weekend but guess what? I started losing weight and it stayed off! You CAN do that and still lose weight and be slim, healthy and happy and full of energy and not feel like you are not enjoying yourself!

The trick I found, or at least with me, was that if I ate something bad, then to allow for it in the rest of my day. For example if I was out and about and we went for pizza because that was the only thing there at the theme park, I wouldn’t go overboard with all the sides and starters etc but by god would I enjoy my pizza! The difference is that I would log it and allow for it for the rest of the day. What I mean by this is a pizza is full of carbs and fats so for the rest of the day I would try to eat protein and veg based meals.

This works people! Diets don’t have to be super restrictive. Ideal world we would all eat perfect and healthily but that sucks and it’s boring as hell! Heck I LOVE all our real American food and if I can eat some of it at weekend (without going overboard) and still lose weight and keep my figure then I still feel like I have a life. Try to be as healthy as possible in the week then make allowances for one or two cheat meals at weekend is what worked and still works for me. I also exercised 3 times per week but I have since increased this to 5 times per week and added weight training.

I managed to initially lose about 4lbs+ per week (I sooo wish I had kept a journal and made videos etc but hey not to worry!) but that slowed to 1-2lbs as I got slimmer. Eventually I got my weight back down to 147 pounds in just less than 12 months and got back not just my figure but also my LIFE!

I can finally wear all the nice clothes I wanted to wear sooo much for sooo many years and my confidence has finally bounced back! My life has completely turned around and I am so happy and full of energy now that I just have to help as many people as I can that are in a similar situation to mine because if an average country girl like me can do it then anyone can so I’ve teamed up with a few fellow city gals and health experts and plan on giving you all the help I can so come back soon because I want to have the largest collection of fat to fabulous success stories online!

We will be covering topics such as:

  • health
  • weight loss
  • exercise and fitness – all levels and ages and exercise at home, routines and more
  • health conditions and specific goals relating to health conditions
  • rehab
  • celeb diets and weight loss
  • product reviews
  • diet reviews – low carb, calorie counting, vegetarian, low GI, crash diets, eating out, myths and much more!
  • motivational stuff
  • stories
  • pics and vids
  • member diaries
  • recipes
  • weight loss for different ages
  • toning and resistance exercises for women
  • problems such as snacking and binging and much more!


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Have a wonderful day!

Lots of love

Kate xxx

P.S If there is anything you would like us to research and post or talk about on the site or any features you would like to see either as a one off or on a regular basis then please please do let me know either by commenting, the social networks or send me a message via the contact form.

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