African Mango Plus Review: Is It A Scam Or Does It Work?

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 The Urban Health Watch Diet Pill Disclaimer Thingy: Right whenever I talk about diet pills I always feel the need to put this blurb at the top of the post. There is NO miracle pill that will melt fat away while you sit on your backside eating pizza and ice cream! None of them work as a stand alone weight loss solution . . NONE of them!

So why bother considering them? Well because if you are following a healthy diet and exercise program then they can:

  • Help you lose weight a bit quicker by speeding up your metabolism making you burn more calories than if you were not taking them.
  • They can give you more energy to have better workouts meaning you burn even more calories.
  • They can suppress your appetite making it easier to stick to your healthy eating regime.

But they only really work as part of a healthy diet and exercise program.

A Review Of The Weight Loss Pill: African Mango Plus
african mango plus reviews

With all the talk lately about super fruits and all the health benefits they have to offer, we are seeing more and more fat loss products come out onto the market that claim to harness these super fruits into pill format to enhance fat loss results.

But, can these claims be trusted?

Are these pills really going to help you shed the excess pounds?

Let’s take a closer look into one product in particular, African Mango Plus, that has received quite a good amount of consumer attention.

African Mango weight loss capsules are a diet pill craze sweeping the nation but the people of Cameroon, Africa have actually been using this fruit to aid in weight loss for years. The supplement contains 150mg of African Mango Extract per capsule and a study on 102 people, some given African Mango and others placeabo, showed that there were significant improvements in waist, fat and weight in those that were given African Mango.

“I personally think this study is a load of rubbish”

. . and they are not telling you the whole truth and all the other “factors” that could have contributed to the results of the study, of the people involved etc. Anyway we’ll talk more about what REAL people are saying shortly . .

This supplement shot to fame due to some high profile Hollywood celebrities using it as part of their weight loss and weight management program as well as the pied piper himself: Dr Oz!

When you buy African Mango, you also get free membership to their weight loss and fitness program which claims to have helped countless men and women lose weight and improve their health.

It’s some sort of 1500 calorie per day diet which will mean anyone will lose weight if they can stick to it!

Due to the proclaimed lack of side effects with it being an all natural supplement, African Mango Plus is a popular choice with people aged 45 and over.

How It Works

The claims that the markers of African Mango Plus make is that simply by using this product, you will help to increase your metabolic rate, burning more calories all day long, enhance the rate of fat oxidation, allowing you to better use fat as a primary fuel source, and help to lower your level of fatigue from dieting through natural energy enhancement.

For anyone on a current weight loss program, this clearly seems to be a home run hit. If you could get all of those benefits working for you, you likely think that dieting would be a whole lot easier.

With a sales site that has both doctor and celebrity endorsement, many people are fast to assume this is a product that is going to help them finally see results.

African Mango Plus Ingredients

Irvingia gabonensis is a large tree growing prolifically in Africa. Its fruit is commonly used as food and the seeds are known to possess a range of medicinal properties. It has been thought for a long time among the local population in Gabon, in Africa, that powdered irvingia seeds are very beneficial for weight loss, control of diabetes and to protect against high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Several small scientific studies in Gabon have very positive results, and the users’ reviews are confirming that irvingia is effective for weight loss, particularly when it is age-related.

One of the studies confirmed that irvingia shows noticeable weight reduction, loss of body fat, and reduced waist circumference.

Irvingia also lowered blood cholesterol and blood glucose. Positive changes in C-reactive protein, leptin and adiponectin were also noticed.

African Mango Plus also contains some mild natural stimulants like green tea and caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine then you may feel a little jittery but most users will more than likely not experience this.


What Side Effects Are Users Reporting

Of 35 user reports at WebMD, about half did not show any weight loss after one month. The other half reported up to 15 pounds weight loss in a month (but this could be due to the diet not the pill). The majority showed a loss of appetite and increase in energy. Very few users reported any side effects.

Some reported side effects are headache, dry mouth, sleep problems, jitters and digestive issues although these seem fairly rare and are likely due to caffeine sensitivity.


What Users Are Saying About African Mango Plus

review rejectedSome very mixed reviews here for this product. Lots of people saying that it does not work at all and some saying that they did experience weight loss benefits from taking the product. It is also important to note that many people are saying that the high profile doctor who endorsed it was paid to do so.

It is also important to note that the weight loss experienced by users could be what they would have lost anyway through diet and exercise.

Another thing worth noting is that there seems to be a number of different African Mango pills available but they seem to differ enormously in quality. This reminds me of the whole Acai Berry and Hoodia craze that happened not too long ago.

Just bear in mind that many of the reviews that I found (that aren’t promoting the dam thing!) don’t actually seem to mention which brand of the product they used so who knows? Maybe some brands of African Mango Plus may be ok and some very poor quality.

Taking everything into account I WOULD NOT recommend this product but everybody is different so if you want to try 1 bottle to see for yourself then feel free and it does have a money back guarantee from what I can see but be sure to read the terms.

Personally I’d invest in a diet pill with more positive feedback and proven ingredients such as Adiphene or Alli for example.

Some User Reviews Of African Mango Plus From Around The Web

Taken From Yahoo Answers:

“Not at all. I’ve tried a couple different brand of African Mango supplements and no, they don’t work. I bought them after the Dr. Oz endorsement and feel really stupid because it turns out that he got paid to promote African mango weightloss for a company. There really are no pros or cons. If you read the science behind the claims, you’ll see that there is no possible way for African mango to help you lose weight. It doesn’t suppress your appetite, it doesn’t change your metabolism…the only weight loss I can possibly think off is the kind that comes with decrease of money in your wallet.

And yes, I do exercise regularly and eat healthy. I just wanted to lose the last 3-5 pounds.”


Taken From Amazon:

“Before I bought this product, I read the reviews and was impressed but I used the whole bottle and only lost about 2 pounds.”


User from godlikeproductions forum:

“I bought into this. Once you get the bottle – then it tells you to eat a 1500 calorie a day diet. Anybody who does that is going to lose weight – with or without a pill! I eat more than 1500 calories a day, but less than 2400 calories a day and they didn’t do a thing for me. Save your money. Count calories.”


Taken From EasyWeddings forum:

“It’s a load of ****. The amount of customer’s I’ve spoken to that have been conned is ridiculous. If every customer I spoke to gave me a dollar, it could pay for my honeymoon.”

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