Everything You Want To Know About The Weight Loss Pill: Alli [FAQs]

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What Is Allialli FAQ

Alli is, at the time of this post, an over the counter (in many countries) weight loss pill that is actually a weaker form of the prescription diet pill orlistat which is more commonly known by the name Xenical.


How Does Alli Work

The way Alli works is by reducing the amount of fat that gets absorbed by your body therefore reducing your overall intake of calories and fats. The way it does this is by targeting the enzyme lipase which is responsible for breaking down fat in the body so it can be absorbed and stored. Instead, a portion of the fat that would normally be broken down and stored simply passes through your body. This results in the most talked about side effect of Alli – poop! . . More on this in a moment!

Awesome. . so this means I can eat pizza every day and all the fat along with most of the calories will be blocked?

‘Fraid not chick, sorry! Alli blocks around 25% of the fat from your diet and for weight loss it is designed to be used in conjunction with a low fat, healthy diet. If it is used in the correct way it will mean that just by taking it, you will be consuming less calories and fat than you would without it therefore speeding up your weight loss. They claim for every 2lbs you lose, you will lose an extra 1lb if you are using Alli.


So It’s A “Fat Blocker” Then . . How Is It Any Different To The Other (Cheaper) Fat Blockers Available

Alli’s active ingredient is orlistat and simply put . . it’s better and actually blocks fat from being absorbed and is proven to do so! Most of the others will be probably be some form of chitosan which doesn’t have the same conclusive evidence and not thought to work anywhere near as well as Alli.


Does Alli Have Any Side Effects

The main side effect you will hear people talk about is the poop! If you keep your fat intake in your diet reasonably low then you might not experience this side effect of Alli or at least not to anywhere near the same extent. Basically it is very oily stools and some people report an oily discharge too. Ok I’m going to keep this one short and . . err not so sweet . . be careful breaking wind and you might want to wear dark clothing if you experience this side effect really bad!

One thing the above does do though is help you to stick to a healthy eating plan in order to avoid or lessen the negative effects.

The overwhelming majority of people only experience the above side effects to varying degrees and this is not a stimulant based weight loss pill so no need to worry about any jittery effects either.

It is worth noting however that there are some very rare yet serious side effects that you need to be aware of and immediately stop taking the medication and see your doctor if you experience any of the following:

Symptoms of liver damage:

  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Stomach/abdominal pain
  • Dark urine
  • Yellowing of the eyes or skin

Symptoms of kidney stones:

  • Back pain
  • Pain when urinating
  • Blood in urine

Symptoms of allergic reaction:

  • Rash, itching or swelling
  • Dizziness
  • Breathing difficulties

If you want a very in depth list of all the potential side effects of Alli then visit this site.


Does Alli Work For Men And Women

Yes, Alli will work for both men and women.


How Much Does Alli Cost

It depends on the size of packet you get but it generally starts at around $40 for 90 and for larger packs (120-170) can cost around $50-90. Amazon is probably one of the most competitive with lots of different size options.

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Is Alli FDA Approved

Yes, Alli is an FDA approved weight loss supplement.


How Fast Does Alli Work

Alli works pretty much immediately. You take a capsule about an hour before you eat a meal and it will block some of the fat being absorbed. I think when people ask this question, what they really mean is “How fast will I lose weight on Alli?”

Well everyone is different and reacts to supplements in different ways. If you are eating healthy and ideally exercising too as well as taking Alli then you should expect to see some additional weight loss in your first week but remember that weight loss takes time and dedication, regardless of whether you are using a pill or not.

You should not take Alli for longer than 6 months and speak to your doctor if you notice no effects after 12 weeks.


How Do You Take Alli: How Many Pills Per Day And When

The maximum amount of pills to take in a day is 3 and that would be about an hour before each of your main meals in most cases. Taking extra doses is NOT recommended and will do more harm to you than good so don’t do it!


Where Can You Buy Alli

Personally I’d just go to Amazon as their prices seem to always be competitive and they have a wide range of sizes of the product (number of capsules per packet).

Click Here To View The Alli Range On Amazon

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