Celebrity Fitness Secrets For The Red Carpet – Oscars 2013

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In less than a week, one of the major celebrity events of the year is taking place. . The Oscars 2013!

That’s right on Sunday the 24th February, sexy, glamorous, slim and toned celebs will be gracing the red carpet looking their best in front of all the cameras. . but just how do celebrities prepare themselves and get in great shape ready for the red carpet?

Hope Gillette, a writer for Voxxi.com published an article recently that looked at some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood and how they stay in shape. Below are some celebrity workout programs favoured by some of the hottest stars:

  • Jessica Alba: Plyometrics - Her fitness program reportedly consists of around 40 minutes of cardio using a bike and elliptical (ski machine!) along with circuit training, light weights and plyometrics. Plyometrics increase power, speed and agility and burn a tremendous amount of calories in the process.

The below video explains in detail about Plyometrics if you are interested in knowing more about this – it’s about 10mins long but does cover it in detail:


  • Halle Berry: Strength Training – It is a common mistaken belief by women that if they lift heavy weights, they will get big muscles. Wrong! Women lack high levels of testosterone which is the male hormone responsible for putting on muscle mass. If women lift heavy weights, providing the diet is good . . well the below image makes a better point:


women weight training


  • Mila Kunis: Low Carb Diet - One of Mila’s famous roles was in the film Black Swan where she reportedly lost 20lbs and weighed in at just 95lbs for filming.. although Mila was the first to admit that 95lbs was not a healthy weight for her. The way she did it however was low carb, low calorie dieting combined with dance training.


  • George Clooney: Bikram Yoga – This is basically yoga performed in a hot room and I don’t mean because George is doing it . . I literally mean HOT like 105 degrees Fahrenheit!
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