Preparing Yourself for the Piste: Diet and Fitness Tips for a Ski Holiday [Guest Post]

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Getting yourself fit and ready for a week or two on the slopes is important of you want to get the most out of your ski holiday and not let it get the better of you.

This does not mean trying to cram in plenty of time in the gym just a few days before you are set to leave.

Slow and steady really is the trick with ski fitness and you do not have to be in fantastic shape to have an awesome time on the slopes.

If you ask a physician when you should start preparing for your skiing holidays, they are likely to say somewhere between 6 and 8 weeks. If your holiday is just a couple weeks away do not think it is not worth preparing anymore.

Doing nothing is the worst thing you can do, as even just a small time exercising before you strap on those skis or snowboard will help. Just take advantage of the tips in this article to give you a running start at being prepared for the piste.


The Proper Conditioning

There is nothing more important than having a solid base of aerobic fitness, as this will keep you out on the mountain for longer and help to stop your suffering from fatigue, which is one of the most likely reasons for you to take a tumble and injure yourself. If you regularly swim, cycle or jog you should have a good level of aerobic fitness and this is a great start.

The trick is to supplement this aerobic fitness with anaerobic fitness, because skiing and snowboarding require sudden, intense bursts of energy for short periods of time in-between periods of relative rest.

Implementing anaerobic exercise into your normal fitness regime is simple. If you jog, try breaking into a sprint for 15-30 seconds every two minutes you are jogging. You can apply the same rule for cycling or swimming, just swim or cycle as fast as you can for 15-30 seconds. You are essentially shifting your body’s gear up, which is exactly what you have to do when you are speeding down a steep slope.

Another tip is to carry out plyometric exercises, things like large leaps or bounds which help to work out the muscles that are used during anaerobic exercise.

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!

Without a decent range of flexibility in your joints, especially your knees and hips, getting yourself down the slopes safely or performing at your best could be a struggle. Carrying out a regular stretching regime should be done every day before, during, and after your ski holiday.

The sooner you start your stretching the better, and the main joints you need to work on are your ankles, knees, hips, and spine. Also stretch your core muscles, in particular your abdominals and lower back muscles, as they will help you to keep balanced on the slopes.

Keeping your joints flexible and supple will reduce the likelihood of you inuring them, which is all too easy while skiing or snowboarding.

Flexible joints will also make absorbing the shock of any bumps and drops much easier, and could prevent you from wiping out in the first place not to mention potentially increasing your skiing ability.


A Diet to Keep You on the Slopes Longer

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You do not really need to change your diet before you go skiing or snowboarding (unless it is an unbalanced and unhealthy one!).

What you do need to do is make sure you adapt it for when you are out tearing through the fresh powder each day. Lots of carbohydrates are the order of the morning when it comes to winter sports, as these will give you a long steady supply of energy to stop you getting tired and suffering from fatigue.

Foods containing healthy fats like omega three are also great because these will help to slow down the digestion of your food, therefore releasing the energy slower, and also help to keep those important joints lubricated.

After a hard day on the slopes, reward yourself with a high protein meal to help repair those worn out muscles. Just steer clear of drinking too many glasses of wine unless you want wobbly legs in the morning!

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