Diet Secrets Uncovered: Keeping And Using Fresh Food

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fresh foodI always knew fresh food was a gazillion times better for me and I bet you already know that too don’t you? Nothing new there right . . but one of the biggest challenges I used to face was actually managing my meals and using fresh food while trying to keep it . . well . . fresh!

I ended up really struggling in this area for a while and although I was trying to keep a good eye on healthy eating, my diet was less than perfect and I ended up having more “processed” and quick and easy microwave type meals . . light ones admittedly, but they are still not good for you and can cause you problems with your weight loss such as food cravings, low energy, increased tendency to store fat (from the crappy carbs in the meal, the insulin spike and other things), increased water retention and more.

So how do you stay on top of fresh food for a better diet and better results?

Well you plan ahead. What works for me and what I still do to this day is as follows:

Step 1: I plan my meals for the week (Mon-Fri) so I know exactly what I’m going to be eating at what time every day.

Step 2: I plan my shopping around my meals. Fresh food typically only stays that way for a few days so I’ll usually get what I need to last me to Wednesday then nip to the store and pick up what I need for Thursday and Friday.

Step 3: Prepare as much of tomorrows meals today so you have minimal work to do in the kitchen throughout the day when it’s time to eat. Trust me this is a biggie!! Don’t forget any snacks too – put them or the portions into food bags or containers so everything is ready.

Step 4: Freeze anything freezable that you don’t use and label it – this will come in handy if for whatever reason you forgot or were unable to nip to the store one day. You simply lift your things out of the freezer and plan your adjustment to tomorrows meals accordingly.

There is a great article over at, written by Sarah Kelsey, that goes more into detail about keeping your food fresh.  Sarah shows you how to best store some common fresh foods so you get maximum life out of them as well as offering freezing tips and quick recipes to use leftover food for other dishes and prevent waste.

You can read the full article here.

So if you want to improve your diet and speed up your health and weight loss results then start planning and preparing your meals in advance. Trust me this works and you will look and feel a trillion times better and more healthy compared to eating processed junk. Just try it for 30 days and see what you think.

Hope this helps!


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