Green Coffee Bean Max Extract Reviews: Does GCB Extract Work For Weight Loss?

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 The Urban Health Watch Diet Pill Disclaimer Thingy: Right whenever I talk about diet pills I always feel the need to put this blurb at the top of the post. There is NO miracle pill that will melt fat away while you sit on your backside eating pizza and ice cream! None of them work as a stand alone weight loss solution . . NONE of them!

So why bother considering them? Well because if you are following a healthy diet and exercise program then they can:

  • Help you lose weight a bit quicker by speeding up your metabolism making you burn more calories than if you were not taking them.
  • They can give you more energy to have better workouts meaning you burn even more calories.
  • They can suppress your appetite making it easier to stick to your healthy eating regime.

But they only really work as part of a healthy diet and exercise program.


A Review Of The Weight Loss Pill: Green Coffee Bean Max
Green Coffee Bean Max

One of the hottest products on the market that you might have seen before and are now considering adding to your supplement regime is Green Coffee Bean Max.

This product has received a high amount of user attention lately from the fat loss crowd and in particular Dr Oz, so you may be wondering what it can do for you as well.  But does it live up to its claims?

Or, is it going to disappoint you like some of the other products you may have used in the past?

Let’s take a closer look into Green Coffee Bean extract so that you can see for certain whether it’s one that you will want to consider.


How Green Coffee Bean Max Works

The premise behind Green Coffee Bean extract is that these green coffee beans contain a substance called chlorogenic acid which is reported to reduce and/or slow the uptake of glucose which accelerates the body’s natural weight loss system thus allowing you to see more effortless weight loss results.

Why does this help?

Glucose is basically blood sugar and if blood sugar is high – for example after eating something containing lots of sugar or fast absorbed carbs – the pancreas produces insulin which turns glucose into fat which is stored by the body. Another effect of insulin is that because it attacks blood sugar and depletes it, it causes us to feel tired and hungry and craving carb rich sugary foods causing you to take in more bad calories and gain weight.

Both of these factors lead to weight gain. The idea of Green Coffee Bean Extract is to control blood sugar levels and therefore help to control and minimize the above process that leads to weight gain.

This product has also been featured on Dr. Oz before as well, which definitely garnered it some attention, however received mixed feelings from this medical expert.

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Green Coffee Bean Max Ingredients

This product contains 800mg standardized green coffee bean extract with a minimum of 50% Chlorogenic Acid but there are many different green coffee bean products and they are often formulated to different levels depending on the particular product you are purchasing. The recommended dose is 800mg twice daily.

Chlorogenic Acid naturally occurs in the green coffee beans but is destroyed when they are roasted. Clinical studies have shown that Chlorogenic Acid and caffeine are an effective aid in weight loss.


Potential Side Effects Of Green Coffee Bean Max

Since the product is natural, there aren’t any serious side effects to report from using it. Some people who use the product find that they experience an increased rate of urination throughout the day and this could be because the pills may have a very slight diuretic effect. Some other people reported feeling a bit bloated.

The caffeine is minimal so unless you are super sensitive to caffeine, you probably won’t expereince any side effects.


What People Are Saying About Green Coffee Bean Max

review rejectedAll in all, you will read a lot of mixed reviews on this product. Some people have found that the product works well and has helped them experience a much higher rate of fat loss than they otherwise would have likely seen. Other people report that their appetite and craving for sweet foods has reduced and they put this down to the product.

Others find that they didn’t notice many results at all and would have seen just as good of results by making smart changes to their diet and workout program alone without the green coffee bean extract.  More people seem to find that it helps reduce sweet cravings as oppose to actual weight loss and many are actually happy with that benefit alone even if they can’t attribute weight loss directly to the product.

I guess the takeaway is that every person is different and reacts to products differently so you’ll need to judge for yourself whether you think this one could be something you will benefit from. I can’t say with strong confidence that this will or will not work, however taking everything into account if I’m being totally honest, I feel that you are more likely to experience no effects at all from green coffee bean extract as oppose to some or all the benefits claimed.

On the plus side the vast majority of people report no side effects so if you wanted to give it a try then you can do so with more peace of mind. Just don’t expect miracles from the product or you may find yourself disappointed.

Personally I’d prefer to go with one of the stronger fat burners such as Adiphene which should give you energy and boost your metabolism while supressing appetite although more people report side effects with these type of fat burners (I’m very tolerant of side effects and rarely experience anything that makes me uncomfortable).

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