How Your Favorite Celebrities Torch Baby Fat Quickly

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If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that after a celebrity gives birth to a new baby, they mean business as far as regaining their pre-baby body is concerned.  Since celebrities do have careers that are very much based around their appearance, they don’t have time to be sporting around an excess 20 pounds that they gained while giving birth.

Thus, they implement the proper strategies to help them shed the baby fat while staying safe at the same time.

Let’s look at how a few celebrities have gone about the process.


Jessica Alba Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

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Jessica Alba is easily rated as one of the hottest celebs around, so she was anxious to regain her body back after having her baby.  Since her cardio level was down after spending the full nine months without all that much training, her trainer had her do 20 minutes of cardio training each day, working her way up to 40 minutes.  Many of the cardio methods she chose also had a strength training component to them such as kick-boxing or aerobic dance.

In addition to that, she also did separate strength training sessions that were geared towards targeting her chest, arms, lower body, and hip areas.  Core training was also included to a small degree to tighten her stomach muscles.

On the diet side of things, she followed three main rules guiding her eating habits.  They were to eat three meals a day, have two snacks, and make sure to consume one liter of water.

In addition to that, she also made sure to choose wholesome foods that included whole grains, salads, lean meats, and low fat dairy products.  Her calorie intake was set to around 1700 per day, so it was still a very healthy range to get her nutrients in.


How Heidi Klum Lost Excess Baby Weight

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Another celebrity that was quick to regain her pre-baby body back was Heidi Klum. Since she’s regularly wearing the skimpiest of outfits in front of the public eye for her modeling career, she clearly had some work ahead of her.

Her workout strategy consisted of daily workouts that lasted 90 minutes to two hours and had her doing strength training movements to target her butt, thighs, and hip area along with her upper body.  Since she’s naturally pear-shaped, she really had to focus on this trouble region.

In addition to that, she also performed plenty of cardio training on the rowing machine, which she found more effective than any other cardio variety.

On the diet side of things, she followed the Ultimate New York Diet, which had her remove all alcohol from her plan along with white bread and other starchy carbs and dairy products.  She also avoided certain high-sugar fruits and stayed away from saturated fats.

Her diet was filled with plenty of low-starch vegetables, lean proteins, lentils, and berries.


Jessica Simpson’s Incredible Weight Loss After Pregnancy

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Jessica is one of the most talked about post pregnancy weight loss success stories at the time of this writing . . and for good reason. Jessica torched 60lbs in 5 months!! Whooo!

So how did she do it you ask?

Hard work and strict diet! One thing she does is makes sure she does 60 minutes of walking each day – note that this doesn’t have to be all at once, you could try walking for 15 minutes 4 x per day for example. If you take baby and/or hubby it will get you out of the house and double up as some family time too!

She does also hit the gym 4 x per week where she will do 10 minutes of cardio to warm up, followed by 20-30mins of resistance training then another 10 minutes of cardio to finish. In and out in under an hour!

Don’t think you need to hit the gym though. You can just as easily workout at home by buying a set of dumbbells. Need some motivation or stimulation? Then pick up one of the many workout DVDs to help you. We’ve hand picked a few for you below:

*You are better to wait at least 6 weeks after having your baby before starting an exercise program and always check with your doctor first.

For her diet she aims to eat smaller portions but a lot more meals throughout the day. This is something we totally agree with as it will keep you feeling fuller to help prevent snacking and cravings while keeping your energy levels higher due to continuous fuel for your body from your food.

Just watch the complex carbs and try to only have a very small portion of them with your meals. Instead fill up on veggies and protein based foods and watch the weight melt away.

So as you can see, if celebrities can regain their body back quickly, so can you as long as you have an action plan in place.  Don’t get discouraged – stay committed and you can see results just the same.

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