Is A Gluten Free Diet Better For You Or Is It Unhealthy?

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A recent poll was carried out by the NDP Group (a market research company) regarding gluten and about 30% of people surveyed said they wanted to reduce or eliminate gluten from their diet. Nutritionists however are now warning people that a gluten free diet can be unhealthy if it is not carried out correctly.

A story posted today on Fox News explored this debate in more detail which I will summarise and talk about the main points in this post.

Firstly What Is Gluten?

Photograph of 4 gluten sources. Top: High-glut...

Photograph of 4 gluten sources. Top: High-gluten wheat flour. Right: European spelt. Bottom: Barley. Left: Rolled rye flakes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems that every couple of months there is a new diet that tells you to eat this not that or a new study that tells you too much of one thing is bad for you when another study tells you not enough of the same thing is also bad for you while another study claims the first two studies are wrong and that it eating any amount of that thing has no effect on whatever it is the first two claimed!

Jees! It’s no wonder so many people’s heads start to spin when it comes to diet! I think the big thing about gluten is a combination of 2 things:

  • A seemingly growing number of people becoming intolerant to it or have celiac disease which makes you intolerant to it – or at least more attention being placed on people’s intolerance by the media.
  • The ever popular Paleo diet demonising gluten and word of mouth spreading from one person to another.

Anyway, gluten is in grains such as wheat and barley so this means bread, rice, pasta and lots of processed food.


Why Nutritionists Say Gluten Free Can Be Unhealthy

The problem nutritionists have is that they say people eliminating gluten from their diet are eliminating essential vitamins, minerals and fibre that these foods also contain as the average person who does this, does not replace those essential nutrients therefore potentially causing a deficiency or greater deficiency. Simply replacing your usual foods with gluten free versions is not enough as the gluten free versions tend to be much more refined and lower in nutrients.

People think that it might be giving them great health benefits as they might lose weight going gluten free but this, the nutritionists claim, is more to do with the fact that they are cutting out lots of deserts and junk food in order to avoid gluten therefore lowering their calories and fat.

Removing gluten does not actually lead to weight loss if calories are the same as they were before.


So How Do You Go Gluten Free And Still Maintain A Healthy Diet?

Eat plenty fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, low fat and low sugar dairy products and naturally gluten free grains such quinoa and buckwheat. Have plenty veg with every meal and at least 5 pieces of fruit per day and along with the dairy, meats and naturally gluten free grains, your diet should be nice and healthy but always check with a doctor or specialist before starting any diet or exercise program.

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