Lady Spends $7800 Trying To Lose Weight After Giving Birth

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Came across a story here about a lady who spent $7800 trying to lose her baby weight! Wow!

There are a few points I don’t agree with though:

“I substituted my lunches with a Weight Watchers meals every day for convenience, thinking it was similar to what I’d being doing with the Zone. Unfortunately, because of all the sodium in those frozen meals, I ended up gaining 10 pounds in two months, so I quit.”

This technically won’t be true. It will be the high carb content in the meals that caused weight gain combined with too many calories overall. Sodium will cause water retention which could account for some weight gain but this won’t be fat.

One bit that really got me was right near the end she states:

“It sounds boring, but through exercise and common-sense eating (portion control and healthy choices), I’ve managed to get back into my old jeans”

So after all that, the thing that worked is good old healthy eating and exercise! We have a complete, in depth guide to losing baby weight which details everything you need to know. No need to go spending a ton of money on FAD diets and dangerous pills.

You can read the full story here:


She does also state that:

“Overall, though, I learned that nobody can ever get their pre-baby bodies back!”

Absolutely NOT true and I’ll prove it to you. Here are two transformations I found. These are “normal” women like you and me . . not celebrities or wonder woman or anything like that:

This is Meagan Hesham:

post pregnancy before after


And this is Brandi Wisdom:

lose baby weight before after



Stretch marks however . . . well that’s a totally different story and way beyond the scope of this post. Let me know if post pregnancy stretchmarks is something you want me and my team to try address for you and I’ll see what I can do.

Have a nice day!

Kate x

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