5 Ways to Turn Any Work Time Meal into a Low Carb Lunch

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burger-at-workTrying to lose weight while at work can seem impossible. If your lunch often consists of high fatty meal options or sandwiches with lots of mayonnaise, there’s plenty you can do. The trick is figuring out a way to turn your work time meal into a low carb lunch. It doesn’t mean you have to make a lot of changes. The smallest ones can have the biggest impact.

If you’re stuck, here are five ways to reach your goal.

Switch to Low Fat Salad Dressings

Avoid the salad dressings where possible. If they come with a meal at your local restaurant, ask for it to be put in a tub on the side or just discarded altogether. Most chefs and cooks won’t have a problem with doing this; after all, you don’t know everything that’s been added in the first place.

If you really want the dressings, look for the low fat options. Talk to the people making them about what goes into them. You could even take your own that you know is healthy for you. Lemon and herbs make a great dressing or you could have a bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil—all of which are very good for your health!

Opt for Low Fat Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is always the hardest part. It often makes sandwiches and salads tasty but you have to deal with the high amounts of fat in them. Most companies will use the fuller-fat options but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for that. Talk to them about switching to the low fat varieties— you may be surprised to hear that they already do that!

When you make your own meals, opt for low fat mayonnaise. It works great with tuna and salmon, salads, eggs mayonnaise sandwiches and many other lunch ideas.

Switch the Bread for the Crispbread

Bread is full of carbs and breaks down relatively quickly. Opt for wholemeal bread if you really don’t want to give it up altogether, as this is much better for you. However, crispbread and crackers are often better options and work great for all types of lunchtime meals. You could add them to your salad and turn them into a sandwich or dip them into low fat dips, like hummus and salsa.

Crispbread is often more filling than bread, despite its smaller size. The ingredients take longer to digest, which means they stay in the system for longer. You feel fuller for a longer period of time and can help to avoid various gluten issues that many people suffer from.

Grill Your Food Instead of Frying It

Frying food is often quicker and easier but it isn’t healthy for you. The food collects the fat that’s in the pan, since the fat has nowhere else to go. You end up eating everything that you have cooked and it leads to a higher probability of weight gain. The best method of cooking food is to grill it. The fat drips into the pan below and you just get to enjoy the meat—or whatever it is that you’re grilling. Baking is another good option for healthier meals.

This can be harder if you’re eating at a restaurant. It may be worth preparing your lunches at home so you know exactly how something is being cooked.

Eggs Are Your Friend

Eggs work great to replace all types of carbs. You can use them as your pizza bases, mix in with your salads to bulk them up and even just eat them on their own. They are full of protein, especially when you eat the egg yolk. There are all sorts of ways that you can cook eggs, whether you poach, scramble boil or fry them.

Try mixing some eggs with onions and peppers or have an omelette for your lunch. These meal ideas take very little time to prepare and can be reheated or eaten cold. Try different herbs and spices to create different tastes and ideas.

Wrapping up

Any meal can quickly be turned into a low carb and healthy option. It just means a few changes to them, whether that’s the way you cook them or the type of ingredients you use. Switch out the bread and pasta and focus on more filling dishes, like your meats, vegetables and eggs. Soon enough, you’ll start seeing a slimmer waistline and more importantly, a significant improvement to your health.

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