Motivation Mondays: Arthur Boorman Inspirational Transformation

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This is Arthur Boorman in case you have not heard of or seen him before.

He used to be a veteran and years of parachute jumps took it’s toll on his back and knees with doctors telling him for 15 years that he will NEVER walk unassisted again and that he was permanently disabled.

He was 47 years old, couldn’t walk unaided, gained a LOT of weight and had completely given up on life. One day he tried to do whatever exercise he could, that being yoga but most instructors turned him away saying he was not able to participate. Arthur kept looking and eventually one instructor, ex professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page took him on. . .

It took a long time and hours and hours and hours of training and trying, falling, getting back up, trying again, sticking to a healthy eating plan etc etc . . Arthur says around 3:15 in the video:

“Just because I can’t do it today doesn’t mean I won’t be able to do it some day!”

This is the attitude you need to succeed!

Arthur went on to lose 100lbs in 6 months despite his disability – what’s your excuse?! . . but more importantly . . wait until you get to 3:50 onwards in the video..

NEVER doubt yourself and your ability to achieve great things. The harsh reality is that very very few people are super talented and achieve greatness quickly. 99% of people who have achieved great things have only done so by putting in hours and hours and hours of dedication and action. They are no more special or talented than you. The only difference is they put in the hours and hours and hours.

What do you want? What body do you want? It’s yours for the taking but only you can take it and there is nobody standing in your way either except YOU so GO GET IT!!!


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