Motivation Mondays: Ben Davis Inspirational Weight Loss Video

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This is a really motivational video that I have for you today. Meet Ben, an average sized regular Joe who gradually put on weight over the years . . a lot of weight. He was thoroughly depressed and a combination of everything led to the breakdown of his relationship . . but then he got inspired to change his life!

He started running . . and running . . and running . . and got smaller . . and smaller . . and smaller . . and happier . . and happier . . and happier!!

His new found happiness fuelled his inspiration to keep going and he went on to lose an astonishing 120lbs!

It was a struggle at first and he couldn’t manage to run very far but before long he was running 7 miles, then 15 miles . . then a MARATHON and even an IRONMAN!! WOW!

What’s truly inspirational about this story is that it doesn’t take personal trainers or hundreds, even thousands of dollars or some super human ability or any other secret to lose weight and be healthy and happy. Anyone can do this. It’s all about choices.

You can choose to eat that chocolate bar or slice of pizza or you can choose to eat the healthy meal and lose another lb. You can choose to sit and watch an extra hour of TV or you can choose to do an hour of exercise. Anyone who has done this will tell you . . the first steps and the first round of choices are the hardest. After those you see results and you become your main source of inspiration.

Start now. Start taking steps and making choices now. Not tomorrow, not next week, NOW! The sooner you start the sooner you get results and the sooner you become the next weight loss success story.

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