Motivation Mondays: Diet Motivation Poster

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diet motivation poster

The 1-5 numbered items on that list you will no doubt have been craving for months, years and in some cases your lifetime . . . how long have you been craving that chocolate bar or cake or pizza etc? Couple hours?  . . Every day you have a choice, every time you put something in your mouth, it is your choice and by putting the wrong foods in your mouth or too much in your mouth, YOU are choosing to be overweight.

Well choose not to be and you can look amazing in any clothes you wear! Hec dig out all your old “skinny” clothes again and look great in those too. You either choose slim, sexy and happy or you choose overweight and depressed. You make this choice every day, multiple times per day.

When you choose to eat that cake or chocolate bar you are not just choosing to eat something nice, you are choosing to be overweight, depressed and not being able to wear the clothes your heart desires.

Just think about that next time you are faced with a choice and think about what you are actually choosing.

Make the right choice!

Happy Monday!

Kate :)




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