Motivation Mondays: Still Gutted You “Only” Lost 1lb This Week

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I know what it’s like . . you are trying your hardest to lose weight, your diet’s been great (or so you thought) and you have even exercised a couple times this week too . . then come weigh in day on a Friday you eagerly jump on the scales fully expecting to have lost a good few pounds, only to discover that you “only” lost 1lb this week!

Your heart sinks . . I mean all that effort you put in this week and all the sacrifices you made! Your first thoughts are just to sack it off and go eat something tasty because all that effort just isn’t worth it for 1 measly pound right? . . . . . WRONG!!

1) Look at the size of that lb of fat! Jees! Do you think your stomach looks better without that there? What about if you “only” lose 1lb for the next 3 weeks? Do you think your stomach or hips would look better and thank you for getting rid of 3 times the amount that’s in that picture? Do you think your legs, butt and hips would thank you for feeling like they can breathe in your jeans a bit better now?

What if you “only” lost the pound of fat above every week? Looking at the size of it, how much different do you think you would look after a couple months like if you lost 8-10 times the amount in the picture above? . . You’re not “only” losing 1lb ladies, you are losing INCHES as well and changing the shape of your entire body bit by bit.

Once the weight is off it’s off and if you keep taking one step after another, you WILL see changes.

So next time you “only” lose 1lb . . just remember the size of that pound and think that you have shrunk by this amount this week so keep shrinking by this amount every week and visual changes will come and come fast regardless of what the scales say!

Now get back on that wagon and have a great week!

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