Paleo Part 3: My Version And What Works Well For Me

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to part 3 of our look into the Paleo diet and lifestyle. As promised in this third and final part, I will reveal to you my version of Paleo and what works well for me to this day.

Right ok here we go I’ll try keep this post as short and to the point as possible!


Monday Through To Friday

I’ll eat pretty similar to Paleo except I eat dairy and drink milk etc.weekday diet

  • Basically I exercise first thing in the morning before I eat, then I have a protein shake after the gym.
  • About 2 hours later I’ll have scrambled eggs (1 whole egg and 2 egg whites) with low salt and ow sugar beans.
  • About 2-3 hours after that I’ll have a HUGE plate of veg with a good size portion of meat or seafood. I prefer to have my veg mashed and cooked in a tomoato and chilli sauce – I just use a bottled sauce that you would normally use for cooking with pasta.
  • About 3 hours after that I’ll usually have a tin of tuna with some light mayo and onion and sweetcorn or some more lean meats or something.
  • Finally about 3 hours after that I’ll have my last meal which could be another HUGE portion of veg with meat or seafood, a large portion of prawns with some light mayo and reduced sugar ketchup and worcester sauce (my own version of seafood sauce), an omlette (1 whole egg and 2-3 egg whites), extra lean steak mince with a tomato and chilli sauce or a handful of other things – protein and/or veg based really.
  • Throughout the day I’ll snack on walnut pieces, almonds, fruit (try frozen green grapes! Yum!) and dried fruit. I make a conscious effort not to overdo it on this snack food though as it is high in calories and fruit is quite naturally sugary.

So as you can see in the week I do eat pretty much Paleo apart from I’m not bothered if I’m eating dairy.

Lean meats, seafood, veg, fruit, nuts, seeds, milk (in my coffee and with protein shakes), eggs, extra light cheese (with my omlette), low sugar/salt beans and that’s about it really.

If I’m really craving carbs then I’ll have a sandwich instead of the midday protein and veg based meal. I’ll go for organic wholemeal seeded bread if possible so the carbs are slow release and the seeds provide some good fats.

If you are struggling for recipes then invest in a Paleo cookbook:

The Paleo Recipe Book


Saturday And Sunday – Here Is Where Things Are Different!

On the weekends I’m a bit more relaxed! I still eat well Saturday right up until the evening then it’s cheat time! Whooop!saturday cheat meal

  • We’ll either order takeout or go out to a restaurant for a nice meal. Either way I eat whatever I like for my evening meal on Saturday! I’ll also usually have some afters such as a cake OR a bar of chocolate OR a bag of sweets OR a tub of ice cream – not all of them! haha!
  • I’ll also have drink (alcohol) on Saturday night too.
  • Sunday it’s back to eating healthy again. On Saturday and Sunday though I do eat more grain/wheat type carbs even though I still eat well (apart from Sat night). I’ll usually have things like cereal, bread, potatoes with my meat and veg or maybe a small portion of wholegrain/wholemeal pasta with a big portion of chicken or seafood etc. Still healthy but it involves more grain type carbs as oppose to just fruit and veg for the main carb sources.
  • I also make “healthy” treats ready for weekend because I know I’ll bve craving them. I’m talking things like protein ice cream, protein cake, gluten free low carb cakes, muffins, cookies etc etc. I’ll also make sure I have some frozen grapes and a bag of dried fruit to pick at.

Even though I’m eating grains etc at the weekend (which goes against Paleo), I still fill up on big portions of protein based foods and only have smaller portions of the grains and wheats etc. I also still keep an eye on my calories so I know I’m not going overboard as it can be easy to lose track and go off the rails.

My calories for Sunday are usually about 1000 higher than normal and Saturday I don’t track the evening meal ones but try to be at around 1000 calories for the day so far by the time I’m ready to start my Saturday night.

Sooo . . this is what works really well for me. I feel that I can satisfy all my cravings yet still keep a good figure and achieve my exercise and body image goals and maintain my weight. I exercise 40 minutes cardio per day and about 30 minutes weight training 5-6 times per week by the way.

Well that’s what works for me and my own adapted version of Paleo so if you found this useful then fantastic and don’t be shy to get in touch either by message or comments or on our social networks if you want to discuss anything further. Like I say this is just what I’m doing and what works for me.

Hope you enjoyed our 3 part look into the Paleo diet and that you found some useful and actionable information that you can take away and apply to your own diet and lifestyle to help you acheive your goals.

All the best

Kate x

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