Vanilla Ice Cream Cake: Paleo And Vegan Style

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Vegan-and-Paleo-Ice-Cream-Cake-Picture-31Hmm . . I love ice cream and I love cake so how on earth could I not like this!!!

In my last news post I shared 6 Paleo recipes from Mariel Lewis, fitness expert and writer for Well I also discovered that Mariel also has her own website called Amazing Paleo and it is packed full of recipes!

Not surprisingly the first one to catch my eye was the vanilla ice cream cake, I mean come on! Mmmmm! Anyway go check it out if you are looking for a tasty treat for a desert!

One thing though – it looks like there is an error on the nutritional information where per serving will surely mean per cake as there won’t be 711 calories and 58g fat per slice! Yikes! haha! . . so just divide the figures by however many pieces you cut the pie into.

* Nutritional Information (per serving – including 1/4 oz. of pomegranate seeds): 711 calories; 58g fat; 39g carbohydrates; 17g protein

See the recipe here:



Image taken from the post I’m talking about and linking to on Amazing Paleo.

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