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Hey everyone,

Came across this story on Reddit and just HAD to share it with you all because I know sooo many of you will be in the exact same position and gained weight in a similar way.

You know how it is . . you get older and hit college and start eating more fast food and maybe partying more meaning you gain a little weight but no big deal and you gain it a little at a time so you don’t even notice. You’ve been in a relationship for a while and all of a sudden find yourself pregnant. Great! . . But during your pregnancy you gain 50lbs . . no problem you’ll just shed all the weight after the baby is born.

The baby is born and you are that busy and tired looking after your new bundle of joy that you neglect your diet and eat crap for the next few months . . and gain another 30lbs!

All of a sudden you are over 100lbs heavier than your teenage years and don’t know where to start because changing your diet and finding time and energy to exercise seems like mission impossible right now!

Well it’s not impossible as this Reddit user prooves! P.S its icametodance and this is her story:

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weight loss success story

When I was in high school I was a muscular 175lbs. I’m 5’9″ with a large frame. I had the same self image issues that any teenage girl would have but I really didn’t look bad at all. I started eating a lot of fast food my senior year since I was always either at school, working, or at band practice. This, combined with birth control, caused me to gain a lot of weight. I graduated high school in 2005, in 2006 I weighed 260lbs. I went clothes shopping one day and realized I needed size 18 pants. I started dieting and lost 5lbs but then found out I was pregnant. I was careful not to gain too much during my pregnancy. I only gained 28lbs and didn’t develop gestational diabetes which was a concern.

Skip ahead to a few months after I had my oldest daughter. I started dieting again and got down to 233lbs…then found out my birth control had failed and I was pregnant again. SN: My husband and I had always planned to have children. We had been engaged since we were 16. We just didn’t expect it to happen as soon as it did. By the end of my pregnancy I weighed 290lbs. After my pregnancy I gained even more weight because of my poor eating habits. I weighed 310lbs. I had to buy a size 24 dress for my husband’s Marine Corps Ball and that brought me to tears.

I started counting calories and walking with my double stroller 5 miles a day. I was able to get down to 223lbs. I was so excited with progress that I lost sight of my goals and fell back into old habits. By the time my husband went on his second deployment, my kids were 3 and 4 years old and I weighed 265lbs.

It wasn’t just about looks. It was starting to cause health problems. Surprisingly, my blood pressure and cholesterol were always fine. I have had varicose veins since I was 10 and the weight gain was making them worse. In January 2011, I had my first blood clot and spent a short amount of time in the hospital. I decided enough was enough. I joined a gym, cut out fast food and soda completely, and started making healthier eating choices. I ran as much as I could at the gym and incorporated weight training. It was a rough journey. I struggled with binge eating and over exercising to compensate. Luckily, I had a great group of friends supporting me along the way. By the time my husband came home from deployment I weighed 185lbs.

I still struggle with finding ways to motivate myself to work out and eat right. When I lost my father earlier this year, I gained 15lbs from eating all of the food constantly being dropped off at my mother’s house. I have spent the past two months working my ass off and I’m finally back at 185lbs. My goal is just to be in a healthy weight range for my height and build which is 170lbs. I love reading the success stories on this sub so I figured that I would add my own.

TL;DR Gained over 100lbs after high school by eating crap food and then having two kids only 11 months apart. Lost almost all of it after kicking my ass at the gym and completely changing the way I see food. 15lbs to go!!!


Here is the original story: http://www.reddit.com/r/loseit/comments/x1ucv/my_weight_loss_story_with_before_and_current/

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