What’s The Best Exercise And Diet For Your Age?

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I came across an article recently while reading online news, that talked about diet and exercising based on your age. I like the angle that they are taking and thinking outside the box with their article but unfortunately in my opinion, it falls short. Let me explain:

You can read the full article here by the way.


First Thing That I Don’t Agree With: Diet

diet for ageIt talks about diets being different at the different ages. Healthy eating is healthy eating whether you are 16 or 60! The same basic principles apply such as eat plenty fresh fruit and veg, lean sources of protein, slow release low sugar carbs (whole-grains, oats etc), good fats from nuts, seeds and oily fish.

The difference with age is that your metabolism will slow down meaning you will probably not need to eat as many calories as you get older . . well if you are watching your weight anyway! The food that makes up those calories should be the same healthy food though, nothing different.

The amount you eat and the types of healthy foods and when you eat it, will all depend on your activity levels and your goals. This is true for ANY age group so don’t think there is some “special” diet that you need to switch to as soon as you hit 50 or anything like that. Just follow the same healthy eating principles and you’ll be fine!


The Second Thing I Don’t Think Is Explained Properly: Fitness

fitness based on ageThe article talks about different fitness goals and activity that each age group should be focusing on. This again is not great in my opinion and I even searched around a little to see what other people were saying about this topic and it was fairly similar. There seems to be a lot of generalising and goal assumptions – as in the author is assuming your goals for your age.

Ok firstly the one thing in these articles that I do agree with is that they all seem to agree that if you do not exercise regularly then the older you are the more you need to ease yourself into things.

Most 18-30 year olds (and many older I’m just using an extreme example) can just launch themselves into exercise and activity and their body will quite easily cope with it and they will recover quickly and see little to no negative results.

Many older people who do not exercise regularly simply cannot do this and need to ease themselves into activity much slower to give their bodies chance to recover and to help prevent injury and negative effects. Also it is an unfortunate fact that many older people start to experience health issues so these need to be considered when designing your fitness plan.

Right now that is out of the way here is where the articles generally fail:

They often tell you to do “this type of cardio” in your 20s but “another type of cardio” in your 30s and do “these weight training exercises” in your 30s but “this other weight training method” in your 40s.

Ok no matter what your age – the training will depend on your GOALS! There is no one size fits all.

Not taking health concerns into consideration and accounting for “easing into things” if you are older – similar principles will apply.

  • Cardio – do it to get fitter and burn calories and fat – this can be at a steady pace and low-medium intensity or it can be high intensity bursts of activity such as 1-2 minutes very hard followed by 1-2 minutes lower intensity to recover before repeating. There are other variations of this but generally this is what it will involve. This stands for any age group.


  • Weight Training - You should be doing it regardless and this is true for any age group. If you want to build muscle or increase strength then you should be lifting heavier weights. If you want to tone and stimulate the muscle only then you should be lifting lighter weights. There is quite a bit more to weight training depending on the person, any injuries etc and goals but the exercises and methods will apply to any age group. Older people ease themselves into it if they are not regulars and will take longer to recover from each workout but apart from that the principles will be similar.


So What’s My Point?

Don’t let people tell you or make you think that age is a barrier or that you “can’t” do a particular training method or routine because you are older. Providing you ease yourself into it (if you do not workout regularly) and depending on health conditions, you can be in great shape. Alright you might not be competing with 20 year olds but you can be in great shape none the less and the underlying training “methods” and “principles” will be basically the same it’s just the execution and rest and recovery that will be different and the younger ones will see faster and better results and recover quicker that’s all.

Check out the 100 year old man who ran a marathon if you don’t believe me!!




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