The Worst Diet In America That Causes The Most Harm To Your Body

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Mandy Oaklander, editor at Prevention magazine recently published an article which looked at research from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, into the diets of 20,000 people of middle age.

Out of the participants, there were 4 main types of diet:

  • Savory – lots of pizza, fast food and takeouts
  • Sweets, fats and chocolate etc
  • Traditional “Southern” food – lots of fried food such as fried chicken, liver, battered fish, fries, bacon, ham, gizzards and a pot of sweet tea to go with it.
  • Plant based – fruit, veg, legumes (sweet potatoe etc)

Not surprisingly the plant based dieters experienced a 29% reduced risk of stroke while the worst diet in America was the Southern diet with participants experencing a 41% increase in the risk of stroke (not to mention all the other health risks).

Apparantly the other 2 groups did not see an increased or decreased risk but I beg to differ. . . C’Mon!! A diet of pizza, takeout, sweets and chocolate is going to cause you health issues long term!

Moderation is key folks! Eat clean all the time but have 1 day where you treat yourself without going overboard and you get all the health benefits of a good diet including a great figure, while satisfying your cravings and feeling like you still have a life.

You can read the original article in Prevention magazine here.

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